A Paradise in it’s own way, Florida is rich with a mixture of nature, culture, entertainment and people. Visitors from all over the world flock to this place to discover its beauty and history while enjoying the many attractions and destinations it offers, making tourism their number one industry.

Florida has a lot to offer, from its amusement parks to cruises, from their beach resorts to world-class hotels, from art galleries to the museums. Florida is home to the famous Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios, it’s beaches are also enticing with hundreds of miles of soft white sand and warm green-blue waters. From the Key West to the Panhandle, each city has it’s own personality to share with it’s visitors and a month may not be enough to have a taste of them all.

It is in Florida where you can find people from different walks of like. While English remains the most widely-spoken language, there are some residents that speak only Spanish or French. You will meet people from Great Britain, Europe, Asia, South America, or Canada. Florida has been the melting pot of people from every part of the world and until now they are loving every treasure Florida has to offer.


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